Introducing Swiss Cyber Storm 2017 Speakers Harald Reisinger and Aldo Frick


Introducing Swiss Cyber Storm 2017 Speakers Harald Reisinger and Aldo Frick

Last spring, I attended a presentation by the boss of a large translation bureau. Not what you expect at a meeting of security experts, so I was not sure what I would learn. But the longer he took, the more interested I got. Here was somebody who was using security to sell his service: He was not merely fulfilling requirements to pass audits and be certified. No, this translator, who had grown into the owner of a translation bureau operating worldwide with thousands of translator, had realized that security is what could set him apart from the competition. His corporate customers have an exceptionally high demand for discretion and privacy and he has built all the processes in his company around this desire. And while audits by potential customers used to be a huge pain for him, they are now a brief discussion where he hands over his prepared documentation.

Effectively, the security in this company is no longer an obstacle, but a value proposition. Security has set him miles ahead of the competition that still fights for the lowest costs, while he is not even talking about price with his customers but about the number of service options that should fit into the package.

This complete presentation all came back when I started to talk to Harald Reisinger, Managing Director of RadarServices and Aldo Frick, member of the Executive Board of FL1 - Telecom Liechtenstein. They are presenting together at our upcoming conference on October 18. They have proposed the title ‘Cyber Security and Corporate Strategy - Transforming a Cyber Defense Center into a Value Proposition’ and I think this points at one of the core problems of our industry; the big budget problem of the CISO: How can you justify the huge costs of running a 7x24 SOC and all the other cost drivers associated with security. This only works when you can explain how these costs enable the company to sell its services. Services that would be insecure and a lethal risk for the future of the company (Equifax anyone?) otherwise.

Harald Reisinger, Managing Director of RadarServices

Radar Services and FL1 - Telecom Liechtenstein are the gold sponsors for Swiss Cyber Storm 2017.

If you think about sponsoring for a moment, then you realize that it is actually a funny thing. Every conference will need sponsors one way or the other. Swiss Cyber Storm tickets are already quite expensive and going without sponsors would easily double their price. But of course, sponsors will only support your event if they get something in return. And the gold standard for “something in return” is the right to speak in front of the audience. However, the organizer would rather not have any sales pitches in front of the audience or the quality of the conference suffers one way or the other - and the program chair will throw in the towel.

Aldo Frick, Member of the Executive Board of FL1 - Telecom Liechtenstein

So Swiss Cyber Storm has a reputation to be really tough on sponsors in the sense that only the gold sponsor is granted the right to speak while the other sponsors get room to present themselves between the talks and in the printed conference material. And it’s not like other companies did not ask to be allowed to speak. In fact, potential sponsors pressured us to let them appear on the stage and when we refused they stopped the negotiations. And even a private speaker proposed to pay us 1’000 CHF if he was accepted into the official program. Needless to say he did not make the cut.

Harald Reisinger in front of his Cesna 172M Skyhawk (needless to ask where the name RadarServices comes from)

Ideally, a sponsor and an event have aligned core values. For Swiss Cyber Storm this is a security oriented mindset, a high level of quality and a certain international flair. And I think Radar Services and FL1 - Telecom Liechtenstein represent these values in an ideal way. Telecom Liechtenstein is a new player, yet it accepts the responsibility to protect the assets of its customers and partners with strong security companies like RadarServices. And RadarServices is able to tailor its offerings to the exact demands of its customers while maintaining a high level of security; a perfect partnership.

That’s why I am very happy to welcome Harald Reisinger and Aldo Frick in the official program of our conference. Register now to follow their talk.

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Christian Folini, Program Chair, Swiss Cyberstorm Conference @ChrFolini