Introducing Swiss Cyber Storm 2017 Speakers Antonio Barresi and Matthias Ganz


Introducing Swiss Cyber Storm 2017 Speakers Antonio Barresi and Matthias Ganz

It is hard to teach people not to click on links and attachments or to avoid suspicious places on the web. Would not it be smarter if systems in general would not be vulnerable to PDF exploits and drive by downloads? Yet it seems surprisingly difficult to achieve this and I have often wondered why that is the case.

Xorlab is a Swiss startup that attempts to attack that bull by the horns. It’s founders go all in on the malicious payload and examine its behaviour while being parsed. This ETH spin-off started two years ago and is now piloting it’s new applicance. But this is not at the center of our attention.

Antonio Barresi, CEO Xorlab

Instead, CEO Antonio Barresi and CTO Matthias Ganz will put their venture in a wider perspective and give us a general overview over modern means of mitigations when attackers aim for memory corruption vulnerabilities.

What types of techniques exist in modern systems? How are they deployed and enabled? What might we see in the future?

We all know about Data Execution Prevention and Address Space Layout Randomization (and if you do not, then you still have 12 days until the conference to look it up). But what exists to make the moat wider and the walls thicker for the attackers?

Matthias Ganz, CTO Xorlab

It is a highly technical topic that lies at the core of many of today’s security problems. That is why we are very happy to have two experts on the topic at Swiss Cyber Storm. Antonio and Matthias have that deep interest on security problems that are very close to the hardware (something they share with our speaker Jos Wetzels) and namely Antonio has travelled far and wide to also speak about it.

I am looking forward to present these fine speakers to you and I hope to see you in Lucerne as well. If you have not registered, it is time to do so.

More about Antonio and Matthias:

Christian Folini, Program Chair, Swiss Cyberstorm Conference @ChrFolini